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Welcome to Post-Pinkerton, a podcast about Weezer, hosted by John Carroll

Mar 20, 2019

Ep. 59. "Possibilities" is one of the more disliked songs in Weezer's catalog. John describes why fans hate it, why he doesn't mind it, and why this song sounds so damn loud, and why we have so many versions of it in today's new episode.


1. "Possibilities" on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

2. "Gone To Stay" (SnS Demo) on YouTube

3. "Possibilities" (12/22/2002) on YouTube

4. "Possibilities" (12/30/2002) on YouTube

5. "Possibilities" (1/4/2002) on YouTube

6. "Possibilities" (1/22/2002) on YouTube

7. "Possibilities" (1/23/2002) on ?????

8. "Minority" on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube


1. "Possibilities" at


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2. Maladroit at Weezerpedia

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9. Billboard Alternative Rock Charts: 2001, 2002