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Welcome to Post-Pinkerton, a podcast about Weezer, hosted by John Carroll

Apr 17, 2019

Ep. 63. "Worry Rock" is the seventh track off of Green Day's 1997 album Nimrod. And no, you're not listening to the wrong podcast -- Weezer recorded a cover of the song in 2002. John talks about it, why he thinks it improves on the original, and how the band has changed their approach to cover songs in the Teal Album era.


1. "Worry Rock" (Weezer) on YouTube

2. "Worry Rock" (Green Day) on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

3. "Knock-down Drag-out" on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

4. "El Scorcho" on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

5. "Always" on YouTube


1. "Worry Rock" (Green Day) at

2. "Worry Rock" (Weezer) at Weezerpedia

3. "Knock-down Drag-out" at

4. "El Scorcho" at


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