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Welcome to Post-Pinkerton, a podcast about Weezer, hosted by John Carroll

Jul 31, 2019

Ep. 77. If any school offered a Masters Degree in covers of the A-Ha song "Take On Me," today's guest Jess Lampe would not only hold one, but also be a tenured professor in the department. Jess joins John to talk about the A-Ha original, the Weezer cover, and so much more in-between. 


1. "Take On Me" (Weezer) on...

Jul 24, 2019

Ep. 76. When Weezer couldn't release as many tracks as they wanted on their 2002 live EP The Lion and the Witch, they decided to hide one. "Polynesia" is the opening track to the EP, but you won't see it on the tracklist. John explains why in today's brand new episode.


1. "Polynesia" on YouTube

2. The Lion and...

Jul 17, 2019

Ep. 75. Raditude may be the worst album in Weezer's discography, but "Let It All Hang Out" is a surprising gem that you may not have heard. John explores this collaboration between Rivers Cuomo, Jermaine Dupri, and Jacknife Lee, and explains how a video game managed to make this song even better. 


1. "Let It All...

Jul 10, 2019

Ep. 74. You'd think this rough, 46-second demo would inspire an equally short podcast episode, but instead, it allows John to discuss many topics, ranging from Rivers Cuomo's longtime friendship with the musician Kevin Ridel to Cuomo's business instincts in the early 2000s. 


1. "I Admire You So Much" on Spotify...

Jul 3, 2019

Ep. 73. John discusses the Maladroit demo "High Up Above," as well as the recent loss of beloved Weezer fan Running Monk. Please note the content warning at the top episode regarding discussion of death and suicide.


1. "High Up Above" (BBC Sessions) on YouTube

2. "High Up Above" (Live) on YouTube

3. "High Up...